Wednesday, March 28, 2012

That Extra Degree

I have been very lucky these last few months to have the support of some amazing friends to help me venture down a path towards a healthier lifestyle. If you've been around these woods for a bit, you'll already know that this is not a new battle. I'm often revisiting (and relosing) old habits and pounds in a quest to be healthier and try new things.

Having people there to support me, those connections I talked about yesterday, has made the world of difference in my personal life. My ever-growing PLN has provided me with connections, ideas, opportunities and push-back that have all made a tremendous difference in my teaching life. I'm constantly looking at how I can change things to make a difference for my kids.

I often joke around and say that it would just be so much easier to copy worksheets and teach the lessons right out of the book, but I know full well that I could never teach like that. That's only 211˚. To make a difference, I need to be at least 212˚. What do I mean by that? Check this out:

How have you pushed yourself, professionally or personally, to reach 212˚? I'd love to hear your stories!

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