Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to Bear Creek!

Nope, it's not GO! time yet, even though our first teacher day is tomorrow. GO! time is officially saved for next Tuesday when the kids arrive. So next Monday night you'll get my GO! post. Until then, I would like to officially welcome you to my #10pixtour of Bear Creek School.

This is the front entrance to our school. To the right of the doors is our beautiful Instructional Media Center, and to the left is where the main office is located.

A shot from inside the IMC - sorry it's kinda dark. I still haven't quite figured out where the lights are in there yet! You can also see our beautiful gym and just half of our amazing music room! Kids will be able to be part of Chorus, band and orchestra in addition to their music classes. I forgot to get pictures of the art and technology rooms. Guess I'll need to do another 10 pix!

This is just part of the cafeteria where the kids will come to lunch with their entire grade level. Our stage is also located in here, and the kids will go right out to recess from the cafeteria.

Our fourth grade hallway is the first classroom hallway on the right, and we are lucky enough to be this beautiful blue color. Sixth grade, a chocolate plum, is the next hallway and fifth grade, an amazing green, is the final classroom hallway across from the cafeteria. The steps under the 4 lead you to the lower level where my classroom is located.

And these are my classroom! It's not quite finished, but I am very happy that it is starting to feel like home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a carpet may be in my future to make it feel a little more cozy, but I'm loving the way everything is coming together. I can see my kids and I learning a LOT here this year!!

I am looking forward to sharing many more pictures and experiences from this brand new building. It's an amazing opportunity to have the chance for a fresh start.

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