Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get Set.....

Things have been moving along quite nicely in my little room on the lower level. Books are all out on shelves, posters are up, my new magnetic word wall flanks the Smartboard, desks are arranged, folders are labeled, sticks for choosing Daily 5 are organized, and it's beginning to feel like home. I had a meeting with the other 3 members of my team yesterday, and it was great to share some laughs and goof around in addition to getting a lot of work done. I swear I had my camera for my #10pixtour yesterday, but I got so wrapped up in everything that I was doing that I forgot to take pictures! Don't worry - I promise it's coming.

The two things I'm most excited about, in terms of getting my kids more involved with presenting our class to the world, actually happened here at home. Last night I set up our brand new class website which the kids will be in charge of updating each day, and I also set up our class Twitter account so parents can follow us and get information that way. I know I can use these two tools to educate my students about being productive, respectful online citizens, and I'm hoping that I can also use these tools to educate the parents to be informed online citizens who understand all the positive aspects of social media and the web.

It's strange because I'm so used to beginning school the last Monday of August, I feel like it's time to get started. But with all of the construction and moving we'll only be having our inservice days this week. I'm looking forward to putting the finishing touches on my room and my plans, working with our staff to implement our PLP professional development plan, and seeing my kiddos when the come for open houses on Wednesday and Thursday.

I am SO excited!!!


Patti Grayson said...

I feel like we are living parallel lives! I just set up my class website (looks a lot like yours!) and a twitter account for my class - @HRAGrayson

There is a twitter widget so you can have a feed of your tweets on your website - That way parents who do not have a Twitter account can still follow your tweets!

Have a great year!

Becky Bair said...
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Becky Bair said...

Patti, I think you're right!! I did get the widget so it's basically set up like my page. What I'm *hoping* is that parents will sign up for Twitter, and I can provide them with a list of resource people to follow.

That is definitely on my wishful thinking list so we'll see what happens!