Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Next Opportunity

When we return to school on Tuesday my student teacher will be joining me in the classroom. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to pass along my love and passion for teaching to somebody who is just learning the trade. This is not my first student teacher, but it is the first one in a long time. As I reflect upon my other experience I know I would like to be more present for this young learner.

As with every new opportunity, I'm nervous. On one hand I am worried that I will not provide her with the mentoring she will need to be successful on her journey. On the other hand I'm worried that I will overwhelm her with everything. Personally I am learning so much right now from my online venture. I want to expose her to this new world without going overboard and sending her screaming out the door.

So I ask you: what are your top suggestions for helping a student / pre-service teacher (not sure what this would be called elsewhere my non-United States friends) get the most from their experience? Obviously modeling my relationships and interactions with the students, reflecting upon why she teaches what she does and how she teaches those things, and being transparent with what I do in my classroom are important. But what other valuable suggestions do you have from your positive or not so positive experiences?

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