Monday, August 19, 2013

The Night Before Kickoff

That's what we call our opening inservice days - our kickoff. Honestly, it's a big improvement over what they used to be. In the past, under a former superintendent, test scores were flashed up on a screen. Schools were compared and criticized, and it was a horrible, horrible way to start the school year. I know some people think our new style of opening the school year is hokey, but I love it. It proves that my superintendent values people and connections more than numbers. Sure, numbers are important, but people are far more valuable.

My room is pretty much ready, although when parents and kids come in the walls may be barer than they expect. A lot of what I hang on my walls I create with the kids during the first few weeks of school. We learn our Daily 5 reading and writing routines, we learn about blogging and commenting, and we learn what it means to be part of a team. What I do have hanging up we'll talk about as we talk about being a team - being honest, caring for each other, and taking responsibility for our actions. Hopefully as parents read what's up they'll understand what's truly important to me. Much more about kids and much less about grammar rules and such.

So while I'm not quite as excited as I will be on Sunday, no butterflies in the stomach yet, I'm still pretty excited to get back to school and meet my kids. I plan on working hard and making this one of the best years ever!

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