Sunday, July 29, 2012

So Many Ideas

Each day this summer I've made time to check my reader, catch up on Twitter and comment on some blog posts. I've also had the pleasure of reading and reviewing a few different books for the fine folks at MiddleWeb. I've learned so much and found many great ideas that I've shared with my teammates for our potential use this year. They have done the same for me. What does this mean?

We have SO MANY ideas!

We have so many ideas I'm not even sure how to organize them or go about implementing them.

But that's good news. The better news is that I work with some really great people, and each of us has different strengths. While one person may find the idea, the others are good at organizing, seeing the big picture or figuring out how to make it best for all of our learners. It's why we're such a good team. Our strengths compliment each other, we're willing to push back when we don't agree with something, and the kids are the number one thing in all of our hearts.

So bring on your ideas Blogs, Twitter and Facebook. We can handle them and make this year amazing for our kids!

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