Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Hard to Do the Right Thing

This whole situation with my husband is really testing me, and sadly I'm not feeling like a very good person because of it. Right now I feel like I'd really like to be more on the top of this list than the bottom of it:
Even though I know it's not right and would just bring more negative energy into the situation, I would just like to see people get what they have coming to them. And some days I would like to just help that to happen a little bit faster. Would I actually do anything? Heck no - I'm terrified of karma!! And in my current mood I feel that, unlike others in this situation, karma would nail me right away. So I will keep trying to be strong and intelligent, but it's really hard.

It's especially hard on days like today. I'm sure you've probably seen this:
People do an awful lot of talking without thinking. I get it: people get upset so they tell lies to attack the other person with whom they are angry. But come on, people. If you're going to tell a lie about a person, at least think about it and make sure it makes sense! Anybody with half a brain can see that the latest lie I heard today is ridiculous. If my husband stopped selling your product in the old store because it was unsafe for people and animals (click here to read about the recall of foods that caused thousands of dogs and many people to be ill) and he even went to the local news to get the word out about this recall, why in the world would he want to carry that junk when he is finally able to open his own business?? If you're going to lie, please make it reasonable.

But the one thing that we've learned through all of this is that some people are simply ridiculous, and they will do just about anything to make up for their own shortcomings. Sadly, they will continue to talk and try to make things difficult for us, and we just have to try to be the better people.
So, like the frog, I will sit back and wait. And I will look forward to the day when this is all behind us and we can laugh at how ridiculous all of these brainless people really are.

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