Friday, June 1, 2012

New Month, New Challenge

School is flying by! I cannot believe that my first year at the new school will be over in 8 days. I'm proud of myself, proud of my two teammates, and very proud of my kiddos. I think back about all of the challenges that we have faced together, and we truly have a lot to be proud of. It wasn't easy, and it certainly wasn't without drama. But we did it, and we're already looking at how to make next year even better.

I've often heard it said that every ending is a new beginning, and that is absolutely true for me and my husband right now. Last night, after closing his store, he and his coworkers got some shocking news. Thankfully, for now anyway, the four of them still have jobs and allegedly things won't be changing. However, everything that he has been working for over the past year and 2 months is gone. And nobody gave him any hint about what was happening. It just happened. When I asked him what he was thinking last night he said, "It doesn't matter what I'm thinking. As of tomorrow it's done." Once again I'm shocked at how people cannot be open and honest with one and other. Why do we hide things?

So now we go forward to find a new path. It's strange to be focused on one thing for so long and then suddenly have that focus removed. But, every ending is a new beginning. Everything happens for a reason. My hope is that the new beginning presents itself soon, and we can see the bright reason behind this latest challenge.


Lani Ritter Hall said...


Thinking of how positive you always are and knowing that that will help you with your new challenge.

Kudos for all you've accomplished this school year--

Sending positive thoughts for the new beginning to occur sooner than later,

Becky Bair said...

Lani, thank you so much for your kind words. They are very much appreciated. I will keep you posted how things turn out.