Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's Your Word?

One thing I've always enjoyed, since I'm a bit unique, is sitting back and thinking about conversations after they're finished and wondering how we got from where we started to where we ended. Especially in those great, hours long conversations with good friends, the path is windy and twisted and the stops along the path are wide-reaching. Life is often the same way - windy, twisted, and creating unique connections between things you enjoy that you didn't think always fit together. Today a group that I'm part of through school pointed me to the blog of a scrapbooker / photography professional, and it caused me to answer this question:

What's my word?

You can check out Ali Edwards's blog here, and the specific post for One Little Word way back here. This is what got me thinking about my answer to that question.

This blog has mainly focused on school stuff, but I called it Teach 'N' Life for a reason. As much as we try it's pretty impossible for teachers (and kids) to leave life at the door when we get to school, and the opposite is the same when we go home. Teaching and life just go together, even when we have off all summer long. Life wise and school wise 2010 was a challenging year for me. To be honest, challenging is not quite the word I want to use, but I'm going to keep it clean because I still don't know how many people are actually reading this little blog. It was a tough year. Even though I'm more of the opinion that if something is worth doing it shouldn't be put off until you start a resolution on January 1st I like the idea of a fresh start on Saturday.

So, what is my word? My word for 2011 is OPPORTUNITY.

I picked opportunity because it can be presented to me or I can make it for myself. Opportunities can be positive or challenging, but you can always grow and learn from them. I already know that there will be many positive opportunities this coming year, and unfortunately I already know that I am going to be facing some challenging opportunities as well. No matter what, though, we are given each opportunity and need to use them all to become the people we were meant to be.

I will also be able to give others (my family, my friends, my coworkers and my students) a variety of opportunities. I'm hoping those I present are the positive kind, but I won't lie; I know I can be challenging so hopefully those around me are willing to take on the opportunities that come with me and learn and grow throughout the year.

So goodbye, 2010. While a few good things happened, I can't say you'll be one of my favorites. Hello, 2011. I am really looking forward to all of the opportunities that await me.

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