Monday, October 4, 2010

Finding the Balance

Just a few weeks in and I've already seen a lull in the action of my blogging, but it's because of a very interesting turn of events. For the first time in a long time, I feel really good about being a teacher. Even with all of the crap floating around about education, what is happening for me in my classroom and my district is pretty amazing. I have learned more about being a better teacher for my kids in the last 4 weeks than I have in the last 12 years. But this has come at a price.

When teaching is hard and things aren't going well, it's very easy to leave school at the door and focus on your personal life. But when things are going like they have been for me, it's almost like a drug. I couldn't stop. I would come home, work on school work, check in with my Twitter friends, comment on blog posts, and work on things for my classroom the next day. I was neglecting everything around me that wasn't teacher or school related.

I knew this was happening, but I sort of just pushed it to the back burner with a, "Oh, things are going so well. Once I get into the swing of things I'll be able to slow down a little bit and find a balance." Then this past Thursday happened. Two friends who live far away emailed me and said, "I haven't heard from you in so long. Have I done something to upset you?" I have done such a poor job keeping in touch with them that they actually were worried that they had done something to upset me. Talk about a slap in the face. And as I looked around the house I saw the mess that surrounded me, two doggies who were dying for some attention, and a husband who was in the same boat (although he would never say anything because it's just not his style).

I called this blog Teach 'N' Life because I know that in order to be a good teacher I need to take care of myself in every part of my life. I need to be healthy, I need to have fun, I need to exercise, I need to be a good wife, mommy to the puppies and friend. There is a very fine line between being a quality teacher and going out of control.

It's good to be excited, but as of October 1 I'm finding that balance. Time for school and all of the amazing things that are happening there, and time for home with the wonderful people and animals I love. A balance of those two is how I will be able to be the best teacher and learner with my kids.

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