Monday, July 22, 2013

Appreciating Everything

As I type this I'm about 34,000 feet in the air heading to Las Vegas for a trade show for my husband's business, and the fact that I am extremely lucky is not lost on me. Despite all of the challenges of the last year we are doing well enough to be able to afford a trip that allows me to take pictures of the different clouds we study from ABOVE them! How cool is that? Some cirrus, some cumulonimbus - I've got a bunch to share with the kids next year!

Staring out at the clouds has got me thinking about being appreciative, both for the things that I have and the  little things I get to experience every single day. Even when I was struggling the most I could remember, as I drove down the road, that some people will never get to smell the sweet smell of honeysuckle floating in their windows as they drive. I get it every day! And even when it's mixed with skunk smell it gives me the chance to be silly with my friend and come up with a new Yankee Candle scent - honeyskunkle! Do you think they'll go for it?

While I know several people who love the hustle and bustle of cities and think that 3 star hotels are camping, I live for nature. I often think about how amazing it is that I can drive just a few miles to experience some pretty incredible things, if i have to leave my house at all! There are people who have never heard a cat bird, never seen a bald eagle's nest, never hiked up to a waterfall, or never smelled a dairy farm. Ok, so that last one may not be at the top of everybody's to do list, but it's an experience some people will never have. I know that there are people who will feel the same way for me because I have never experienced the hustle and bustle of their city and discovered the sweet little restaurants and markets. And that's okay - because they appreciate that as much as I am thankful for my little spot out in the country.

So while I peer longingly out the window trying to figure out where we are and hoping desperately for THIS to be the flight where I FINALLY see the Mississippi River (I think I may have missed it when I nodded off, but I can still dream!) I will think about how hard we worked to get here, and I'll get excited about having some fun these next few days. 

PS - More to appreciate once we got to the hotel! Unlike most of the hi-rise hotels, we were assigned a room in the Bungalows of the Tropicana. We're on the top floor, the third, and we have a balcony overlooking the pool. Simply beautiful! I wonder if this luck will follow us to the casino?

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