Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did Anybody get the License Plate...

... of the truck that hit me and carried me away?

I don't need to tell any teacher that the end of the school year is a crazy, crazy time. Anybody outside education just assumes that we teachers are all excited for the end of school and the start of summer vacation, but there are so many more emotions than that. This was an especially bittersweet end to the school year. I handed in my key and left my home away from home for the last 13 years for the final time. It's hard to imagine that I will have a new home come August 1, and I will only be going back to Rheems as a visitor.

It was also difficult because I lost my grandmother the last day of school. This was not as difficult of a loss as my father-in-law. My grandmother had been taken from us long ago by Alzheimer's so this was more of a blessing that she could finally be at peace. But a loss is a loss, and it added to the emotions at the end of the year.

I have so much I want to say here, but just haven't had a chance to write about any of it yet. Here's what I'm thinking about and will post about soon:

- being part of a PLP cohort
- how I changed my teaching this year
- my kids' reflections about blogging
- the end of a teaching era
- starting a new journey

Now that things have calmed down, and I am getting into a bit of a routine I hope to be back and writing more often.

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Patti Grayson said...

It sounds like you need to get some downtime and reflect... maybe with a margarita! I'm sorry the end of the year was so stressful, and for your loss.

I hope the summer brings rest and rejuvenation. I spent the past year as part of a PLP cohort. It is time consuming, but the most incredible PD you will ever do. I'll be back as a Year 2 next year in the Dublin-Dallas cohort, and will be leading a Year 1 team. I blog for PLP at their Voices for the Learning Revolution. Go PLPeeps!

Look forward to hearing more from you as you begin new adventures, but for now, REST!